Wing Tiger V2.5 EPO RTF Electric Plane


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The Wing Tiger V2 is the ultimate 4 channel novice trainer. Features a fully proportional 4 channel 2.4 GHZ radio system. Its large size makes it easy to see, easy to take off tall grass and it will handle moderate winds up 15 Mph with ease. Has a powerful out runner brushless motor system. Long 20 Minute Run Times! With the included 1800 mah 11.1 volt – 20c rated Lipoly battery , the wing tiger V2 can easily get 20 minutes of flight between charges! That’s better than most Rc Nitro powered airplanes! Advanced Brushless Motor Technology. This is due to the increased efficiency of the included brushless motor. Brushless motors have no internal brushes (friction and heat + energy loss and wear) and that also means its performance will never degrade over the lifetime of your motor. Same power and torque no matter how many times you use it !!! Large 50 inch wingspan The Large 50 inch wingspan makes it easy to see, fly and handle more realistic . A larger plane is also less prone getting knocked around in windy conditions. Features large wheels that allow for take-offs in tall and landings in tall grass. Front nose wheel is servo controlled to allow for sharper turns needed for taxiing on the ground. EPO FOAM = 10x stronger than regular styrofoam. Half the weight of EPP. The Wing Tiger V2 is made from very durable EPO Foam. In fact its about ten times stronger than regular styrofoam. Easy To Fly – The Ultimate RC Airplane Trainer The Wing Tiger V2 is super east to learn how to fly on. Its large main wing has enough wing area to easily dead stick in on landings without stalling. It also allows the WTV2 to be flown at very low speeds of 10-15 mph. This allows novice to get accustom dot the flight controls. Once mastered you can reach top speed of 60 miles per hours! Aerobatic – Fun to Fly. The Wing Tiger is mildly aerobatic, and can easily perform inverted flight, rolls, loops, knife edge, stall turns. Very nimble in all its controls and feels organic in the air.

Specs: Wingspan: 49.8in, Length: 46.1in, Weight: 39.90z, Motor: Brushless, Battery: 11.1V 1800mAh Lipo

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