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The new PC-6 is is a beautiful 500 class 100% Scale Aircraft. With Its Large 66 inch wingspan, it has superb flight performance that exceeds most aircraft. Features durable “EPO ” construction for increased durability.ÊIt features a functioning of dragging the glider flying forward, Air Drop Mechanism for parachutes leaflets dropping during the flight. The incredible PC-6 is with strong power configuration it can realize different kinds of aerobatics like loop, inverted flight, roll, hedgehop, low speed flight so on. Supplied in the popular Plug Play format, the PC-6 includes brushless motor, ESC, servos, working lights, and flaps as stard equipment.

Specs: Wingspan: 66.93 in, Length: 42.29 in, Height: 14.4 in, Weight: 67 oz, Wing Area: 33.5 dm2, Wing Load: 56.7g dm2

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Weight 4 lbs

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